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When the African Slaves were enslaved, they sang slave songs. Some were secret messages, and others helped to preserve their culture. They sang about several different things, and about loved ones or about things they loved, and the songs were passed down from generation to generation.

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enslaved people preserved their culture by singing songs,telling folk stories, and playing music. They played their music with an instrument called a gourd banjo.

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in what ways did enslaved Africans create their own unique culture in the Americas

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Q: How did slaves keep their African culture alive in the American colonies?
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What describes the status of African Americans in the American colonies?

They were slaves.

What is true about the slaves in the chesapeake colonies?

they created a culture with both english and african traditions

In 1775 what was the population of the colonies included about African slaves?

In 1775, the population of the American colonies was around 2.5 million people, and approximately 500,000 were African slaves.

What was one reason African slaves were needed in the American colonies?

Most Native American slaves died from disease or overwork

Why did African slaves become Christians in north America?

The culture of the colonies aged many slaves to become Christians---> Apex

What factors lead to the emergence of an African American culture?

stealing slaves

Why did many African slaves become christian in north America?

The culture of the colonies aged many slaves to become Christians---> Apex

Where were African slaves able to form an African American culture?

They also shared many customs and viewpoints

How did African American culture develop in British North America?

African slaves brought ideas and skills with them from Africa.

What didn't help slaves keep their African culture alive?

what didn't help african slaves keep their african culture alive

How was African culture most likely introduced to America?

African culture was shared by the African slaves

When did they first have black slaves?

The first African slaves were brought to Virginia by the English in the 17th Century, but Spain probably had them in their American colonies earlier than that.