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By providing important stuff like education

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By providing important service like education -apex
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by making african americans feel proud for serving their community

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By providing important services like education APEX

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Q: How did social organizations help African American communities?
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How did social organizations help African-American communities?

By providing important stuff like education

How did social organization help African-American communities?

by making african americans feel proud for serving their community

What organizations are responsible for paving the way to wealth and professional success for many African Americans?

African American social institutions

What two elements created stable social structures in African communities?

African communities relied heavily on religious and family traditions to maintain a stable social structure.

Why did many african American organizations experience difficulties during the 1970?

Many African American organizations experienced difficulties during the 1970's because the United States was at the tail end of the big civil rights push that began in the 50's. Many businesses and organizations suffered backlash because of these intense social changes.

How are private and grassroots organizations shaping African development?

Private and grassroots organizations are vehicles to participate in African social and economic development. These organizations also provide products and services where governments fail to do so.

Why did African Americans form separate churches schools and social organizations after the Civil War?

They had to. Jim Crow laws didn't allow for integration, so to meet their needs they had to have separate schools, cemeteries, stores, churches, restaurants and communities.

What is the clientele of social psychologists?

The clientele of social psychologists typically includes individuals, groups, organizations, and communities seeking to understand and improve social behavior, relationships, and interactions. They may include businesses, governments, schools, healthcare organizations, and non-profit groups.

Who were Alonzo Henson Chloe spear and Josiah waddle?

Former slaves who became important in the African American business and social world

Who are marriott internationals stakeholders?

Associates, guests, franchisees, shareholders, communities, suppliers, industry organizations, government and the wide range of organizations engaged in the advancement of environmental and social sustainability.

How did the establishment of schools churches and social organizations benefit African Americans during reconstruction?

African Americans were finally able to recieve an education.

What has the author Anne-Laure Fayard written?

Anne-Laure Fayard has written: 'The power of writing in organizations' -- subject(s): Communities, Online social networks, Psychological aspects, Social aspects, Communication, Communication in organizations, Business writing