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the doctrain was a plan to help the needy in south America and they wre some very noice peeps!

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Q: How did southerners use the states and rsquo rights doctrine to support the idea of nullification?
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How did southerners view the idea of state rights and nullification?

north= nullification is good south= nullification is bad

What did the doctrine of nullification maintain?

b. state government could nullify any federal law.

Which of these items are incorrectly matched john c calhoun states rights Hartford convention war of 1812 thomas Jefferson Virginia resolution Benjamin Franklin doctrine of nullifica?

Benjamin Franklin - doctrine of nullification

The doctrine proclaimed in the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions that a state can block a federal law it considers unconstitutional?

States' Rights is the theory that state and local government's actions and laws in dealing with social and economic problems are supreme to federal actions and laws. The theory goes back to the founding of our nation. Jefferson and Madison advocated states' rights in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. John C. Calhoun's Theory of Nullification, the South's justification for declaring independence from the US, also advocates states' rights.

What ideas did support of the state rights doctrine promote?

States rights doctrine, which said that since the states had formed the national government, state power should be greater than federal power

Why did Andrew Jackson support states' rights in the case of the native Americans but not the nullification crisis?

Because he absolutely hated John C. Calhoun the leader of the nullification movement in south Carolina. Preservation of the Union was also important to him.

Why were the issues of states' rights and nullification were important to the south?

they had to have their own rights

Why were the issues of states rights and nullification were important to the south?

they had to have their own rights

What was john calhoun view on state rights?

Calhoun believed in states rights above all. He espoused the doctrine of nullification which meant that states could nullify or reject Federal Laws they did not want to obey. He also thought states had the right to leave the federal union if they wished.

What was the basic issue in the nullification argument?

states rights

What theory was spelled out in the Kentucky and Virginia resolution?


Southerners believed they were fighting for?

States rights and property rights.