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the development of technology allowed cities to have higher population density and provide better services to their residence.

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Q: How did technological developments alter US cities and change the daily lives of city-dwellers?
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What were two technological developments that enabled cities to house more people?

Ligh, Air, & water.

What were three technological developments that enabled cities to house more people?

Ligh, Air, & water (:

Does Ireland's cities change a lot?

They are changing in the sense that they are growing and new buildings and other developments are being done in them.

Housing developments outside of large cities are called?


Which developments allowed cities in the late 1800s to expand?

New Railroad lines. Nipples

What were the Indus valley technological innovations?

sewage system grid-like cities

Where did the middle class begin to move in the 1950's?

the middle class moved from the cities to new suburban developments.

Great minerals resources technological inventions in need of work contributed greatly to the?

industrialization of American cities.

Two new technical developments of the late nineteenth century that contributed to the spectacular growth of American cities were?

The Telegraph and the railroads

How do you describe important developments that led from the hunting and gathering way of life to villages and cities?

It was tough but was doable. Villages and cities had completely different styles of hunting so they did there own kind of hunting.

How were the Chinese cities of 700-1300 AD different form European cities?

The primary differences between Chinese cities of 700-1300 AD and European cities were their overall technological advancements. Europe was largely more developed and featured many more improvements.

What is an Country?

An industrialized nation has manufacturing and service industries more than agricultural industry. It has big cities and technological advances.