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the black codes were laws passed in the united states to limit the civil rights and civil liberties of african americans

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Q: How did the Black Codes attempt to limit opportunities for African Americans?
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How did black codes attempt to limit opportunitis for African American?

the black codes were laws passed in the united states to limit the civil rights and civil liberties of african americans

Why do real Black Africans hate American Darkies?

Black Africans feel estranged from the African Americans who waste all opportunities they have and remain in a depraved stupor

Black codes restricted African Americans from what?

all of the above.

Why were black codes passed?

Black codes were passed in the southern states after the Civil War to restrict the rights and freedoms of newly freed African Americans. These laws aimed to control their behavior, limit their economic opportunities, and maintain a system of white supremacy.

Who was adversely affected by the black codes?

Black people were adversely affected by these black codes because the black codes limited the rights of African Americans.

How did redeemers attempt to limit the rights of African-Americans in the US?

because they thot it wuz enfare

How did the new deal influence African-Americans and black people?

The programs in the New Deal benefited African Americans and black people :)

Why were African-Americans poor between 1945-70?

Do you mean black Americans, Africans who became Americans, or Americans who became African?

What did the black code?

The Black Codes limited the freedoms of African-Americans, and that wasn't fair. The Black Codes pretty much segregated the African Americans from the Whites.

What occurred under president johnsons reconstruction plan?

African Americans' rights were restricted by black codes.

How does the New Deal relate to African Americans?

During the New Deal, Roosevelt appointed more than 100 African Americans to key positions in the government . Mary McLeod Bethune- an educator who dedicated herself to promoting opportunities for young African Americans.. She worked to ensure that the NYA ( national youth administration) hired African-American administrators and provided job training and other benefits to minority students. She also helped organize a "Black Cabinet" of African Americans to advise the Roosevelt administration on racial issues. The New Deal ignored civil rights of African Americans, so they organized the southern tenant farmers union- sought to protect the rights of tenant farmers and sharecroppers, both white and black. In the north the union created tenants' groups and launched campaigns to increase job opportunities. In general African Americans did support the Roosevelt administration and the New Deal.

What another name for black people?

African Americans and or Africans, (African etc)