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All of these websites are stupid and give no information at all.

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Q: How did the US acquire new territory and expand trade in Asia Pacific Region?
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Did the us expand its territory to the pacific ocean in 1781-1800?


Who was the dominate power in the pacific after world war 1?

japan saw the end's of WW1 as a new way to expand its pacific territory's

What was one goal of the Democratic Party?

One goal of the democratic party was to expand the nation's territory.

Why did business want the US to expand into the pacific?

Businesses wanted the U.S. to expand into the Pacific for several reasons. Firstly, it would open up new markets for American goods and create opportunities for trade. Secondly, the Pacific region was rich in natural resources, such as timber, minerals, and oil, which could fuel economic growth. Lastly, expanding into the Pacific would enable businesses to access cheap labor and establish manufacturing bases in the region.

What are general motives for building an empire and what are some examples of each motive?

The general motives for building an empire is as follows: to expand your territory, acquire more resources, acquire more raw minerals and materials, acquire more power, and dominate the world. The US, British Empire, Greeks and Romans are examples of each motive.

Why did the us wane to acquire japan?

The United States did not want to acquire japan. Japan wanted to expand, resulting in the war in the pacific in World War II. Even after the U.S. defeated japan in World War II, the US allowed Japan to maintain its sovereignty.

What approaches did Camillo Di Cavour use to try to acquire more territory for Piedmont - Sardinia?

Camillo diCavour was the Prime Minister who worked to expand Piedmont-Sardina's territory and power. He used careful diplomacy, well-chosen alliances, and cunning to accomplish this.

Why did europeans want to expand their territory and influence outside of Renaissance Europe?

They wanted to expand their territory because their mamma was to fat .

How did the Persian Empire expand territory?

By conquest.

Why rome wanted to expand your territory?

You tell me how Rome could have possibly have expanded YOUR territory.

How did the frankish kings expand their territory?

military conquest

Has the us used divine right to expand its territory?