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the United states paid Mexico $15 million dollars for this land, which became known as the mexican cession

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The Mexican Cession came from Mexico, who gave the United States the land in 1848. The country Mexico used to own Mexico Cession. Hope this helped.

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The Mexican Cession was from the country of Mexico.

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Q: How did the US get the Mexican cession?
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Who was president of the US when it was the Mexican Cession?

The Mexican-American War, and the resulting Mexican Cession, were during the presidency of James K. Polk.

What kind of impact did the Mexican War have on the US?

It gave us the Mexican Cession.

When did the US acquire the Mexican Cession?


Why did the US wanted the Mexican Cession?

The United States did want the Mexican cession because they wanted to govern and control their own resources.

Which area of the US was last to be control?

The Mexican Cession

The land given to the US was called the .?

Mexican Cession

What year did the US gain Mexican Cession?


When did the Mexican cession become part of the US?

February 1848

What is the result of the War with Mexico?

US victory and Mexican Cession.

What was the land called that the US aquired from Mexico?

the Mexican Cession

What is the definition of Mexican Cession?

the Mexican cession was the result of war with Mexico.

Who owned the Mexican Cession before the US?

The Mexican Cession was the name granted the region of the modern day Southwestern US that Mexico gave up to the US. Before this, it was considered another part of Mexico.