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it was because of the pennisulars and the creoles, they are the discontents in Spain and Portugal.

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they got into a fight.

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Q: How did the colonial class system contribute to discontent in Latin America?
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What statement best describes the relationship between the Spanish colonial caste system and independence movements in 19th-century Latin America?

The Spanish colonial caste system played a significant role in fueling discontent among the diverse populations of Latin America, as it perpetuated social and racial inequalities. This sense of injustice contributed to growing movements for independence in the 19th century, as individuals sought to break free from oppressive colonial structures and assert their political and cultural autonomy.

In what ways was democracy limited in Colonial America?

Democracy was limited in colonial America because of the colonial system. The people in the colonies had no right to representation in the English Parliament.

What statement best describes the relationship between the Spanish colonial caste system and independence movements in century Latin America?

many independence movements were fed by Creole elites' resentment at being considered inferior to peninsulares.

The encomienda system in colonial latin america led to the?

use of forced labor

What was the death penalty to homosexuals in Colonial America?

Colonial America did not have a standardized system of laws or even a federal government. Legally, the colonies were under British law, which prescribed imprisonment.

In Colonial America slavery replaced what labor system?

indentured servitude (Study Island)

What is a colonial city?

Colonial cities arose in societies that fell under the domination of Europe and North America in the early expansion of the capitalist world system.

what method of judicial selection is a system left over from colonial America?

that would be election by a legislature

Why did the USA cities grow along waterways?

Waterways were the Interstate highway system of Colonial America.

Which statement best describes the economy in Latin America during the colonial times?

European nations practiced a mercantilistic system in latin America

What did the US contribute to the English measurement system?

Nothing ! The English system was in place long before America 'hi-jacked' it !

What was the system that was one of the most damaging to colonial latin America and led to the decline in the native American population called?

it is encomienda