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First of all I'm in sixth grade so it's sad that I know this and you don't, but I'm not one of those people who just post stuff that's fake. The answer is... the real answer, is they used it for everything! They used it for money, areo heads, and alot more. BTW (by the way) why'd you go on this website for this. Look it up on something else because people lie on this... not me, but people do. Thanks for reading!

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Arrowheads, hide-scrapers, jewelry, mirrors, knives.

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The native Americans rarely came across this substance but when they did it would carved into cerimoniel items and the remains either sold or crafted to arrowheads.

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Well they often used it for trade.

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Q: How did the early Indians use obsidian?
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How did early natives people use obsidian?

Early Native People used obsidian for money, arrow heads, knives, and spears.

How did early Americans Indians in NC use natural resources?

how did early american indians in nc use natural resources

What did patwin Indians trade?

graphite and obsidian and others.

How did the early humans use obsidian?

Early humans used obsidian for making tools and weapons due to its sharp edges and ease of shaping. It was utilized for spears, arrowheads, knives, and other cutting instruments because of its ability to hold a sharp edge. Evidence of obsidian tools has been found at archaeological sites worldwide.

What system did early american indians use to exchange what they had for what they wanted?

The early American Indians used the barter system to exchange for what they wanted.

Why did Indians use obsidian to make arrowheads?

Indians used obsidian to make arrowheads because it is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that is very sharp and easy to shape. This made it an ideal material for crafting arrowheads that were effective for hunting and warfare. Additionally, obsidian is readily available in certain regions, making it a practical choice for indigenous communities.

What tool do you use to break obsidian in minecraft?

You need a Diamond Pick to harvest obsidian blocks.

What has the author Leslie B Davis written?

Leslie B. Davis has written: 'The Obsidian Cliff Plateau, prehistoric lithic source, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming' -- subject(s): Petrology in archaeology, Indians of North America, Obsidian, Antiquities, Implements, Obsidian implements

What is the obsidian use for?

It has been used to craft tools, historically. Obsidian has also been used to make jewelry.

What pickaxe to use to mine obsidian in Minecraft?

The only way to receive obsidian when mining is using a diamond pickaxe.

How do you use Obsidian in a sentence?

I use Obsidian to organize my notes and thoughts in a digital workspace that allows for easy linking between related ideas.

Did early Indians invent mathematical algorithms that computer programmers use today to tell computers what to do?

No, they did not.