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They had extended families to take care of them since they were separated from their real ones. They also held on to all there traditions.

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They got freed by family sometimes

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Q: How did the family structure of enslaved African Americans help them survive life under slavery?
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How did enslaved African Americans react to slavery?


What did African-Americans do to oppose slavery?

It's a difficult question. When it was going on, African Americans were enslaved.

How did the family structure of enslaved African-Americans help them survive life under slavery?

By taking them to the Underground Railroad to make them run away

What did the emancipation proclamation mean to enslaved African Americans?

that they were freed from slavery

What helped enslaved African Americans endure and survive slavery?

they formed close ties with each other

What did harriet Tubman give?

She gave freedom to the slaves and she gave all enslaved African Americans a way to get out of slavery

What practice led to slavery in Georgia?

Slavery devoloped in Georgia because the people in Georgia needed more farmers, so they borrowed enslaved African Americans from South Carolina. Then increased the number of slaves in Georgia.

In 1860 were more african americans enslaved or free?

In 1860, the majority of African Americans in the United States were enslaved. Slavery was legal in many Southern states, and the vast majority of African Americans in those states were held in bondage.

What escaped slavery enslaved African Americans worked for abolition and women rights 's after changing her name from Isabella Baumfree?


What did the abolinist'want?

Abolitionists wanted enslaved African Americans to be freed from slavery, and to then enjoy the same civil rights as any other American.

When did slavery start in US when did slavery of the black start in the US?

Slavery started when Christopher Columbus first came to the Americas. He claimed the land his and enslaved all Native Americans. When Native Americans started to die from the small pox disease, because Christoper Columbus and his crew, they decided to enslaved African Americans and, brought them to the Americas to work because most of them where immune to the disease.

Where did African Americans go after slavery Ended?

wherw did freed African Americans go after slavery ended