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It has helped negro women to get ther hair done

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Q: How did the hot comb improve lives?
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Is it better to flat iron or hot comb?

hot comb try if it doesn't work call me

Can you hot comb weave?

It is very possible to hot comb weave but only if you have weave that is of a higher grade. If it isn't you could end up frying off pieces and end up with inches left in the hot comb.

Where was the hot comb invented?

in your house

When did Walter sammons invent the hot comb?

Walter Sammons invented the hot comb for straightening hair in 1920.

What is a hot comb?

The hot comb originated in France as a hairdressing and styling tool that allowed women with coarse curly hair to achieve fine, straight hair, and became increasingly popular in the 19th century when the French used heated irons and curling techniques to completely transform customers' hair. In the process of using and processing the hot comb took many forms, until today we can clearly see that the hot comb is a metal comb that can be used to straighten thicker and harder hair to get a smooth texture, heat the hot comb and straighten it from the roots, you can get a perfectly straight hairstyle!

Did Annie malone invent the hot comb?

yes.she did

Did Garrett Morgan invent a hot comb?


How do you us a hot comb?

by heating it an putting it on your hair an using it

Who is Walter Sammons?

Walter Sammons is the African American man who invented the hot comb.

Where does holly marie comb live?

Holly lives somewhere in china

How do you make your hair look hot?

First, wash it. Next, comb it.

Who invented the hot comb?

No one really knows who invented the hot comb. Either Madam CJ Walker or Walter Sammons People say Madam CJ Walker but it was WALTER SAMMONS.