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It affected farmers in the west by taxing the european goods to be as high as the american goods so farmers can't get the european goods and will by the american goods

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Q: How did the tariffs effect the west?
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What effect did the protective tariffs have on goods exported by the south?

it depends what tariffs and when but, i if you are referring to after the revolutionary war, then the effect was the whiskey rebellion.

Preferred low protective tariffs?


How do protective tariffs effect price and quantity?


In effect tariffs on imports are?

subsidies for domestic producers

What is a positive effect of high tariffs?

Higher profits

Why did the west support the tariffs during the antebellum period?

Because it was the South that mostly needed the imports that the tariffs were levied on.

What affect did the protective tariffs have on the American economy?

Protective tariffs had a few effects in the American economy. The main effect that it had was pricing.

How did tariff policies impact the west?

The West voted for tariffs, so it may have not impacted much.

What was the positive effect of high tariffs?

Sectional arguments between the North and South

What was one long-term effect of high U.S. tariffs?

The long term effect of tariffs and other trade barriers are that eventually the prices will increase. The reason that prices increase is that the competition for that business is decreased.

How did the northeast and west and south feel about the government spending money on transportation improvements?

The Northeast and West wanted the government to spend money on transportation to help transport goods. Southerners opposed this because the money to pay for the improvements would come from tariffs, and southerners did not want an increase in tariffs.

What was one result of high US tariffs on imported goods?

One effect of high American tariffs caused foreign trade to almost stop. This had other countries angry with the US, which caused them to stop buying US goods and they raised their tariffs, which had a effect on the American economy.