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Women make there money by going to medical school, or working in shops or stores. Men make there money by working at meat stores, or by driving taxi's.

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Q: How do people make there money in Belarus?
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What money does belarus use?

The currency of Belarus is the Belarusian ruble (BYR).

How do people in belarus earn a living?

how do people in belarus earn living

Where is Kaneek money used?


Do people in Belarus have pets?

Yes. There are many pet dogs and cats in the nation of Belarus.

Do people in Belarus speak French?

It's possible that some people in Belarus speak French. However, it is not recognized as an official language of the country. The official languages of Belarus are Belarusian and Russian.

What do people in Belarus do in the winter?

they hibnate

What do people do for fun in Belarus?

they play in any nearby lakes and in Belarus there are quite a few lakes

What do people in Belarus do for fun?

they play in any nearby lakes and in Belarus there are quite a few lakes

Does belarus have a monarchy?

No, Belarus is a presidential republic, meaning that the leader is directly elected by the people and not responsible to the legislature, and that the nation's sovereignty rests with the people.

What percentage of people in Belarus are literate?

The literacy rate in Belarus is 99.6%: males - 99.8% and females 99.4%.

What are the native people of Belarus called?


Where are people getting money from?

People get money from people or when they pay for something they can get change they make money from machines