How do you act irken?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Don't care for humans change your mind everyone around you are fillty humans

make everyone belive your a alien with a special mission to councure earth just don't say it try to seem unnoticed and if someone askes if you are a alein and say their crazy.Find an evil laugh and randomly laugh and shout evil plans.All irkens have PAKs so wear a backpack and put handy stuff in it.If someone askes you about your pak just say what about your shose you are always wearing those.Brink food from home and if someone wants some scream that's special food and get all quiet and lick the food and say i mean i just licked it you don't want my gearms.

If you eat food from school go in the bathroom and make puking noises XD

Act insane and love to freak people out and say straenge things

Avoide water

Drink with straws which you can keep in your pak

try to be alone most times

lean the irken letters and put them all over you stuff

Draw the irken symbol on all your possetions

use irken phrases

Have a human saying card

Make everyone belive you can't act

Dress weird

Use irken vocabulary

Scream i'm normal at times

do this any random moment.

Walk like a pround invader and don't slouch and keep your head high.

REFUSE to make contact with the lower spicesn

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Q: How do you act irken?
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Where can you get the Irken font?

If you Google: Irken Font or Irken Alphabet then you will get downloadable text thingys... but sometimes your computer isn't compatible with the download :)

How long is an irken year?

An Irken year is roughly equivalent to 187 Earth days.

Is zim a furon?

no he is an irken

How old is Zim?

About 159 Earth years, or 16 Irken years. 1 Irken year is about 9 Earth years.

What is the name of the Irken homeworld?


How do you get in the invaders ship?

irken ships are impossable to get in only irkens get in there ships ( unless it falls out of the sky) anyway irken ships have a very high sacurity

What does black mean on the zim flag?

The little black on the Zim flag is the Irken insignia. It is a sign that basically means, "Irken property." If you look at some other things Zim has, the little black thing is on some. Like his Voot cruiser, flags, even Irken-safe sandwiches and sodas.

Who is zim?

Zim from the cartoon series 'Invader Zim' is an alien invader from Irken .

What happens if an Irken dies and then you put its PAK back on?

Nothing...They're dead...

How tall are the almighty tallest?

While there is no specific height for the Almighty Tallest Red or Almighty Tallest Purple, they are (before body reconstruction for their leader suits) the tallest of the Irken in their generation, and are of precisely equal height. They could just be taller than the next tallest Irken by an inch or a foot, it is unknown. It is this superior height that actually makes them the leaders of their people, as has been with the previous Almighty Tallest Miyuki and Almighty Tallest Spork. The taller an Irken is, the more they are generally accepted as strong or smart, and are immediately accepted as superior to any Irken (and any other being) that is shorter.

What color is zim's blood?

That is unknown, but many people say that irken blood is green.

What does the G stand for in gir's name?

Here are some ideas: "No one knows what the G in his name stands for, neither does GIR himself." "GIR is a dysfunctional version of the Irken SIR (Standard-issue Information Retrieval unit) given to Irken invaders."