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I would like to apply for Indian money from Blackfoot Indian tribe. How do I apply?

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Q: How do you apply for Indian money from blackfoot Indian tribe?
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How do you apply for Indian grant money from white earth Indian reservation MN?

how do I apply for Indian grant money from blackfoot Indian tribe

You would like to apply for Indian moeny from Blackfoot tribe How do you apply?

go to the office of the tribe from which you are descended & they'll let you know what you need to do to prove lineage. Keep in mind that you don't just get money for being Indian

Who were the Indian tribe?

Blackfoot And Apache

What Indian tribe is the meanest?

blackfoot are known to be the most aggressive

What tribe was named for the color of their moccasins?

The Blackfoot Indian tribe .

How do you apply for Indian money from the Cherokee Indian tribe?

How do I apply for Indian money? I no my great grandmother was at least 3/4 Cherokee. She lived in Oklahoma back in 1940s

Which tribe won against the Paiute tribe the Blackfoot or the Paiute?

The blackfoot tribe won.The blackfoot tribe won because the paiute tribe had bad hunting skills and food skills.

How were the Blackfoot Indian shelters made?

the blackfoots tribe shelter is often used with buffalo skin sewed with sinew

How did the blackfoot native American Indian tribe make their weapons?

they used hides to tie rocks to tough and strong sticks

How did the Blackfoot Indian tribe make there weapons?

they made it by Buffalo and other use of stuff back then

What countries is Blackfoot spoken in?

Blackfoot is spoken mainly in the United States and Canada, specifically in Montana, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. It is most commonly spoken in the Blackfeet Nation in Montana and the Siksika, Piikani, Kainai, and Amskapi Pikuni tribes in Alberta, Canada.

What did the blackfoot natives live in?

Blackfoot tribe lived very decorative tipi's.