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Follow the drinking gourd or go to the NORTH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRREEDDOOMM!!!

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Q: How do you know the way to liberty?
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Are their names on the Statue of Liberty?

The statue is also know as "lady liberty" but no other name as such.

What does the Liberty Bell repersent?

Um, ... Liberty. I know it's not obvious, given the name "Liberty Bell", but trust me on this. It represents liberty.

What is another way to get into the Statue of Liberty?

You can go in a airplane and be near the Statue of Liberty

Do the other Statues of Liberty look like your Statue of Liberty?

from what i know there is not any other statues of liberty so i can't answer that

Name a way you know you've arrive in new york city?

statue of liberty big buildings crowded cabs traffic smog

What are the release dates for The Liberty Bell on Its Way to the Exposition - 1904?

The Liberty Bell on Its Way to the Exposition - 1904 was released on: USA: 1904

When did the sons of of liberty end?

The Sons of Liberty started in the 1760's and I don't know when it ended!! :)

What does the torch on lady liberty represent?

The torch held by the Statue of Liberty is the symbol of enlightenment. It is said that the torch lights the way to liberty for those entering the United States.

What is the best way to get to the statue of liberty?

By boat

How do you know New York?

statue of liberty

How big is Liberty Bell?

i dont know do you?

Is there any other way to liberty garden in Pokemon white?

yes, there is a way you must go to gamestop and choose mystery gift to get the liberty pass and then go to the boat in castelia city to get to liberty garden then get victini.