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kenra:ken ohkwa:ri'

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Q: How do you say little white bear in Mohawk?
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How do you say bear in mohawk?

ohkwari pronouced oh'kwa:ri

How do you say grinning bear in Mohawk language?

A Mohawk speaker would not say that since he would know that bears are incapable of grinning (they do not have the necessary facial muscles).The Mohawk word for a bear is ohkwari'. "He is smiling" is royéshuhe' so the theoretical translation is *ohkwari' royéshuhe'.

How do you say michaels little white bear in German?

Michaels kleiner weißer BärOr you might sayMichaels kleiner Eisbär (if by white bear you mean polar bear)

What is the joke about the big brown bear and the little white bunnyrabbit?

what did the big brown bear say to the little white bunny rabbit? im going to eat u HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i crack myself up

How do you say White bear in Japanese?

White = shiro bear (animal) = kuma

How do you say bye in Mohawk?

In Mohawk, you can say "ewaboroten" to say goodbye.

How do you say little bear in ute language?

In Ute language, "little bear" is "na-kusi."

How do you say Earth Bear in Choctaw?

"Nita" (pronounced "needa") means bear in Choctaw. I am not sure how to say "little" though. To say "little" in Choctaw is "ushi," and "bear" is "nita." So you would combine it to make "nitushi," which means " little bear."

How do you say walk in peace in Mohawk language?

Say peace in mohawk language

How do you say beautiful in Mohawk?

In Mohawk, you say beautiful as "wa'kontera'tátshera".

How do you say little bear?

Ursa Minor.

How do you say little bear in Hawaiian?

In Hawaiian, "little bear" is translated as "ʻīlio hōkū ʻuʻuku."