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many native american tribes fought for their land and usually lost it in time, while other native american tribes accepted the northwest ordinance and died a sad death.

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Q: How do you think the north west ordinance affected native Americans?
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How Was America affected by trade And commerce before Columbus?

It wasn't affected before 1492. The millions of Native Americans lived in North America and conducted their lives according to their traditions.

Europeans affected the Native Americans in north America?

Europeans brought diseases that killed much of the Native American population. - Minh

Are native American and north American the same?

No, while many who are Native Americans are, in fact, North Americans, there are very many who are North Americans, but not at all of Native American descent.

How did native Americans arrive in the north?

The native americans arrived in North America when the ice came to land and they followed the bufflo

What factors led to conflicts between the British and the native Americans?

The British and the Native Americans were fighting over the land of North America.

DO you have native Americans in North Carolina?

Yes. For example, Native Americans live in Cherokee North Carolina, which is located in Western North Carolina. They even have their own casino.

Who established North Carolina?

the native americans

Do Native Americans own North America?


How did patriots victory in the American Revolution affected Native American?

The victory of the Colonists over the British in the Revolutionary war was a disaster for the Native Americans. The British promised the Native Americans that the Colonists would not go farther west than they already were, in order to get help from the Native Americans to defeat the French in the French and Indian War. After they won the won, the newly formed USA tore up the treaties and took land from the Native Americans and forced the Native Americans to move farther west or north to Canada.

What year did Native Americans arrive from Asia?

No one really knows when Native Americans came to North America.

Did the English and the Native Americans have the same language?

No. The English spoke English, and the Native Americans spoke various languages native to North America.

What are north americians?

North Americans are found in North American. They are people who are native to north America.