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How does Lincoln take advice to resolve issues in his presidency?'

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Q: How does Lincoln take advice to resolve issues in his presidency?
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What were issues during Lincoln's presidency?

Some issues were the civil war, slavery.

What were the issues Obama and Lincoln faced as they entered the presidency?

Both presidents faced war.

What services are provided by the Citizens Advice Bureau?

The Citizens Advice Bureau provide services that help people resolve issues surrounding money, legal and other issues by providing advice, information and influencing policy makers.

What issues did president Andrew Johnson deal with during his presidency?

The death of Abraham Lincoln, the end of the Civil War, Reconstruction and personally, alcoholism.

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What if you tried to resolve your issues with him he doesn't give you straght answers?

what if you tried to resolve your issues with him he does'nt give me straight answers

What were the issues during lincolns presidency?

what were the issues during Lincoln's presidency? well, he had the Civil War going on, he was trying to end slavery, he lost 2 young sons before he passed away, his wife went a little nuts, and that's about as much as i know that were "issues"

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What problems did Lincoln face as president?

American civil war slavery in the u.s. American civil war slavery in the u.s.