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When someone is a leader, they are able to take control and organize a situation. Instead of immediate pandemonium and panic breaking out, a leader makes sure everyone stays calm and efficient. Good leaders have a aura around them that says, "Trust me, and things will get done quickly and well." That feeling in a situation that could be harmful or dangerous, like a natural catastrophe aftershock, helps keep people safe and helps them think clearly. Not everyone can be a leader, so many people are followers. This is not a derogatory term, merely a definition. Some people just function easier when they are told what to do. If these sorts of people don't have a leader to tell them what to do, situations can get sticky fast. So good leadership usually helps prevent a situation from getting out of hand. Also, good leadership helps to not make mountains out of molehills with small problems that can be solved with little argument but the potential for disruption is there. That is why good leadership helps in any situation.

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Q: How does good leadership effect the outcomes of a situation?
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