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Every since 9-11-2001, the Statue of Liberty's access to the crown has been closed to the public. It will remain closed due to the threat of terrorist attacks.

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Q: How long has the Statue of Liberty been closed to the public?
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When was the Statue of Liberty torch closed to the public after its 1957 opening?

The torch has been closed to the public since the Black Tom explosion incident on July 30, 1916. Black Tom was munitions depot near Liberty Island.

Can you enter the torch of the Statue of Liberty?

No, it has been blocked from public access for many decades.

What is the present condition of the Statue of Liberty?

From Statue Closed Due to conditions created by Hurricane Sandy, Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island are currently closed. Although a projected reopening date has not yet been established, data from initial reports has determined it will not occur in 2012

Who shipped the Statue of Liberty here?

The statue of liberty was/has not been shipped to England. France shipped it to New York as a gift

What has Statue of Liberty been through?

hurricane sandy

How many people have been in the torch of the Statue of Liberty?


How long has been the Statue of Liberty been symbol?

probably around the time it was built.

How many years has the statue of liberty been built?

122 years.

What it the face of the Statue of Liberty made after?

The statue was modeled after two women. The face is said to be a likeness of Auguste Bartholdi's mother. His wife posed for the arms and torso of Lady Liberty.

How long has the statue of liberty been around for?

On June 15, 1885 the Statue of Liberty made its way (in pieces) to New York. A lot of work was left to be done getting it ready to be unveiled. Unveiling day, October 28, 1886, was declared a public holiday.

Why is the Statue of Liberty green and will that be fixed?

no they can not remodal are fredom that the cellor of freedom It is the patina of its copper surface oxidizing. If it was going to be altered, it would have been done when it was closed for repairs. Some people like the look.

Why can't people climb the Statue of Liberty anymore?

It is true that the park service no longer allows visitors to climb the Statue of Liberty. According to their website FAQ: Is the crown open? No. The crown has been closed since September 11, 2001. Since the Statue is anything but a conventional structure, making it easier for people to exit the crown, in the event of any emergency, is not possible. The National Park Service has therefore decided to close the crown. they can