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Q: How long is the statue of liberty's right arm?
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What is under the statue of libertys arm and what is on it?


How long is the extended arm of the statue of liberty?

42 feet

What was done with the statue's arm in philadelphia 1876?

A forty-foot-high section of the right arm, with the hand clasping the torch of liberty, was sent to the United States and displayed at the 1876 Philadelphia exhibition marking the one-hundredth birthday of the United States.

How long is the arm of liberty statue?


What is the width of the Statue of Liberty?

The statue of Liberty has a width of 17 feet (5.3 m) at the gallery windows, 10 feet (3m) at the upper face and 35 feet (10m) at the waist.

What is a long-arm statue?

A "Long arm statute"is a state statute that permits a state to obtain personal jurisdicition over nonresident defendants. A defendant must have "minimum contacts" with that state for the statute to apply.

Where in Florence is the statue of David holding a ram's pelt in his right arm?

That is Donatello's marble David (not his bronze one!) in the Bargello museum.

How do you measure the Statue of Liberty's nose and right arm?

From a distance(!), or by accessing the website found below in the related link section of this page.

On the statue of liberty is miss liberty carrying the torch in her left or her right hand?

On the statue of liberty, Miss Liberty is carrying the torch in her right hand.

How do you do the statue puzzle on runescape dungening level 5?

There are two different statue puzzles. In the one with 3 statues, two are armed, and you have to arm the third one. The statues are supposed to have three different weapons. In the one with 10 statues, you have to arm each of 5 different statues, with weapons that are better than the statue in front of it (according to the combat triangle). For example, if the other statue has a bow, you arm your statue with a sword. To arm the statues, take a pickaxe and mine some rock (in the same room as the statues). Then take a chisel and hammer, and make the weapon. Finally, select "Arm statue" on the statue.

Was the arm of the Statue of Liberty ever in Madison Square?

The arm of The Statue of Liberty was displayed in Madison Square Park in 1876 to raise money for the statue's pedestal. Her actual name is "Liberty Enlightening the World".

What was done with the statue of liberty arm in Philadelphia in 1876?

The arm was displayed in a Philadelphia exhibition marking.