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The Constitution was finished on September 12, 1787. Of the 55 delegates, 42 attended most of the meetings, and 39 delegates (and the attesting secretary) actually signed the Constitution. Edmund Randolph and George Mason of Virginia and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts refused to sign, due in part to the lack of a bill of rights.

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39 delegates plus attesting secretary

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Q: How many individuals signed in the Constitution?
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How many individuals signed the Constitution?

39 delegates signed the US Constitution.

What individuals signed the US Constitution?

my social teacher signed it

How many amendments signed the constitution?

twenty-seven amendments signed the constitution

How many delegates at the constitutional convention signed the US constitution?

55 signed the constitution.

How many individuals sight the constitution?

Sight? Seriously? Depends on the constitution you're talking about. In the US, about 1 million people sight it each year by visiting the National Archives. Also, lots of people SIGNED the constitution.

How many men originally signed the constitution?

39 Benjamin Franklin was 81 when he signed the u.s. constitution.

How many signed the Constitution?


How many man signed the constitution?

There were 39 signers of the U.S. constitution.

How many people from Georgia signed the constitution?

Only Two men from Georgia signed the US constitution

How many who signed the US Constitution were Jewish?


What happend when the bill of rights was added to the constitution?

Nothing happened. The documents were approved and became our foundation of the government.

What happened when the congress pledged to add the bill of rights to the constitution?

Many states signed the Constitution