How many inventions did Benjamin Banneker make?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He made 5 inventions.

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Q: How many inventions did Benjamin Banneker make?
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When did Benjamin Banneker accomplish?

I'm positive that he accomplished many things and one of them are that Benjamin Banneker made the first American clock.

How many brothers or sisters did Benjamin Banneker have?

According to the U*X*L Encyclopedia of World Biography. Ed. Laura B. Tyle. Vol. 1. p166-168. From Gale Virtual Reference Library, Benjamin Banneker had three sisters.

How many inventions did Benjamin invent?

13 separate inventions.

What did Benjamin Banneker do that involve African-Americans' civil rights?

Benjamin Banneker was a free African American farmer, scientist and publisher of several Almanacs. Banneker corresponded with Thomas Jefferson on many occasions about slavery and racial equality. Publishing the correspondences in his almanacs.

How many degrees did Benjamin Banneker get and what for?

he got 4 degrees for mathematical and scientifical stuff

What does benjimin Banneker have to do with science?

Benjamin Banneker helped George Washington on many land issues. (that means problem) :) B) :p

How many devices did Benjamin Franklin invent?

six inventions

What were some of Benjamin Franklin's inventions?

There are many inventions by Benjamin Franklin. These inventions include bifocal glasses, lightning rod, glass harmonica, and a flexible urinary catheter.

How many degreees does Benjamin Banneker have?

four degre es peace yall sexy baby love ya

Did Benjamin Franklin win any awards for his inventions?

Yes, Benjamin Franklin can credit a large amount of his fame to his inventions. His inventions include the glass armonica, bifocals, the long arm, watertight compartments, the lightning rod, and many more.

Best black scientist ever?

There are many great black scientist. Some of the top scientist are Benjamin Banneker and Charles Drew.

Where can one find more information about Benjamin Franklin's inventions?

There are many websites and resources that offer information on Benjamin Franklin's inventions over the years. Some of these websites that offer information are The Franklin Institute and US History.