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let me think.... you will be one tonight.... so add 1 more to the list

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Q: How many murders in the United States since 911?
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How many murders were there in the US in 2008?

There were 16,692 murders, or homicides, in the United States in 2005. Murders accounted for 1.2 percent of all violent crimes that year.

How many murders are there per year in the United States?

For the year 2005, there were 16,692 murders (about 5.6 per 100,000 people) in the United States. Very clear information at:

How many murders occur in the US each year?

About 15,000 murders occur in the United States each year. However, this number may vary depending on the year. In 2013, 14,827 people were murdered in the United States.

What is the most infamous murders?

In the United States, there have been many infamous murder cases. Some of the most infamous include the Manson murders and the murders of Abby and Andrew Borden.

How many murders occurred in the US in 1987?

In 1987, there were approximately 21,500 reported homicides in the United States.

How many murders in US since 1962?


How many murder in America?

In 2012, there were 14,173 intentional homicides or murders in the United States. The murder rate is about 4. 8 per 100,000 people.

How many years ago did the United States of America become the United States of America?

Since the US of A was founded in 1776. So 236 years.

What is the religious affiliation for the United States?

There are many, many religious affiliations in the United States, since the country was founded by people looking for the freedom to practice their religion, regardless of what that affiliation was.

How many states in US states today?

50. The United States has been 50 States since 1959 when Alaska and Hawaii were added.

How many people were shot in the US last year?

In 2013, there were approximately 30 people to die each die in the United States from a gunshot. Most of these deaths were murders.

How many states combine USA?

There are 50 States, and have been since around 1959.