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There was never a fixed number of lodgepoles in a moyis(Blackfoot for a tipi-style lodge). The basis was always a framework of 4 tied poles; all the others were simply leaned against this base. The number of poles would depend on the size of the moyis - some were made with a cover of about 12 buffalo hides, but larger ones used 20 and would naturally need more poles.

While Crow tipis used very long poles (having about 10 feet of pole showing above the cover), Blackfoot poles were always shorter (about 6 feet taller than the cover).

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There was no standard size for tipis in any Plains tribe - each extended family had a tipi large enough to house all its members easily.

Blackfoot tipis were usually in the range of 12 to 20 hides (the number needed to make the cover) - clearly smaller tipis needed fewer hides, larger tipis needed more.

Very small "toy" tipis were given to young girls who learned to make the cover, set up and take down the small version. This gave them the skills for dealing with the full size tipi later in life.

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Q: How many poles are in a blackfoot tipi?
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What did the blackfoot natives live in?

Blackfoot tribe lived very decorative tipi's.

How many tipi poles do Cree use to build a tepee?

15 poles.

What did the Blackfoot totem poles mean?


What are the furnishings like in a teepee?

Bedding was placed on the floor of a tipi. Sometimes people would hang up clothes inside the tipi, on lines suspended from the tipi's poles.

What are skins fastened around a fall of poles called?

Perhaps you are straining for 'tepee', or 'tipi'.

What was used in a tipi?

Materials used to make a tipi include wooden poles, animal skin, ropes made from sinew, and wooden pegs. Items used inside a tipi included bedding, clothing, cooking pots, a fire, food, anything needed for living in the tipi.

Why did the Ute Indians live in tepees?

The three Blackfoot tribes (Blood, Piegan and Blackfoot) used tipi-style dwellings they called oyis because, like all other Plains tribes, they were nomadic buffalo hunters.Nomads need dwellings that can be transported and set up easily and the answer and traditional home for the Blackfoot tribe was the oyis (tipi).

Did the Cheyennes live in tepees?

Yes. The Cheyenne lived in tipi's Tall poles tied together at the top and covered with hides. Tipi's created a structure that could be put up or taken down quickly, The outside of the tipi's were often highly decorated! =]

what are Sioux tribe's houses made of?

they r made of poles covered with tipi coverings, mostly buffalo skins

What materials did the blackfoot tribe use to build there homes?

they used about 42 buffalo hide and 3 or 4 primary poles and about 20 diffrent poles

Why is there 15 poles on a teepee?

The 15 poles each represent a traditional value or teaching. As the tipi is built, the elders share stories so the young people will learn the teachings.

What did the blackfoot Indians make their houses out of?

The kind of houses that the Blackfoot tribe live in is a teepee. A teepee is made of three to four main poles and about 20 other poles for support. For the cover of the teepee it took as few as 14 and as many as 42 buffalo hides sewn together with sinew. They had a hole in the top for the smoke to get out of, and their door was on the east to shelter for wind