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He paid $1,500.00 for his home in Springfield, Illinois.

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He paid $1,500.00 for the home.

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Pricless BABY!

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Q: How much did Abraham Lincoln pay for his house?
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When did people pay their respects to Abraham Lincoln?

after his assassination

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Why was Abraham Lincoln Responsible?

Lincoln had 15 jobs because he knew he had to pay off his debt.

When did Abraham Lincoln create the IRS?

during the Civil War to help pay for military expensives

How did Abraham Lincoln's father treat him?

Very much like an asset, rather than a human being, or son. It was Thomas Lincoln's (Abraham Lincoln's father) debt to a neighbor, which Thomas repaid with labor, working the neighbor's farm. He did this by "loaning" out his son's labor, Abraham to the neighbor, to pay off his debt. Abraham was not paid anything, he simply "worked" off his father's debt, with his sweat and hard work. Lincoln later compared this experience to that of what a slave might have experienced. Abraham Lincoln did not visit his ailing father; upon being informed of his father's declining health, Lincoln refused to visit him and asked his stepbrother to "Say to him that if we could meet now, it is doubtful whether it would not be more painful than pleasant." Thomas Lincoln died 5 days later.

What was Abraham Lincoln's nicknames?

Abraham Lincoln has often been called 'Honest Abe,' a phrase coined to pay homage to the beloved President's sense of truthfulness and integrity. Although Lincoln may have numerous nicknames, this has to be the most commonly known one.

Which president invented the IRS and why?

Abraham Lincoln appointed the first commissioner of internal revenue in 1862. More tax money was needed to pay for the Civil War.

Why did Americans pay special attention to the 1858 senate race in Illinois?

People were interested in the senate race because of the interesting and entertaining debates. Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas debated in what are known as the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

Who established the nations first income tax to help pay for the war in 1863?

The first tax was recommended by the House Ways and Means committee to pay expenses for the Union war effort in 1863. The Confederacy also established a tax the same year. In 1862, Abraham Lincoln signed a bill for the first tax, which was ruled unconstitutional in 1872.

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