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During the gold rush, people would sell the long tom for as much as they could. There were no set prices. A seller may sell a long tom for $50 today and $80 the next.

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Q: How much did a long tom cost during the gold rush?
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How much a shovel cost during the gold rush?

A shovel during the gold rush would cost $11.

How much did it cost to take a riverboat during the CA Gold Rush?

It cost $5.

How much did a rocker cost during the California gold rush?


How much did it cost to sell a pick and shovel in the 1850s during the gold rush in California?

before the gold rush, a pick cost about two or three dollars, but after the gold rush the price was raised to six dollars

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The cost of a gold nugget will (obviously) depend on the amount of gold in it.

How much did gold cost in the gold rush?


How much would 92 pounds of gold cost?

it would cost around 1.26 million dollars for that much gold

How much did it cost for the Chinese gold diggers to get to Australia during the times of the Gold Rush?

The Chinese had to pay a levey of 10 pounds for every Chinese person that landed in Victoria.

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Why did things cost so much in San Francisco during the gold rush?

so the people can get more gold or money....Because the store clerks thought that since there was gold things should be higher priced.