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Q: How much rain monthly in the ridge and valley pa region?
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How did the arrival of European settlers on the east coast of North America impact the Native Americans and how was each colonial region a reflection of its colonists including the impact of slavery?

very much

Did the New Englanders settle the cape fear region?

The Pilgrims settled the Cap Cod region in Massachusetts. Cape Fear is in North Carolina.

What was the average rent in 1953?

It depends entirely on the region of choice. Rent in cities varied highly from city to city and was much more than rent in the countryside. Additionally, rent cost a lot more in developed countries than it did in developing countries.

Between 1830 and 1860 what region of the nation changed the most dramatically overall?

The region that changed the most during this period was the Northwest. The Northeast was becoming more of a urban population because of the increase in manufacturing however, the enormous influx of immigrants that would work for a much lower wage and in sometime abysmal conditions began to push the native born population west. During this period, new transportation technologies such as canals, steamboats and ultimately railroads began to make moving west more attractive. With the advent of better transportation, white settlement increased in the Northwest because it was now easier for migrants to make the westward journey and to ship their goods back to eastern markets. In the 1840s and 1850s, the Northwest experienced a steady industrial growth. Particularly in the Cleveland area because of its proximity to Lake Erie and Cincinnati, as it became the meatpacking center in the Ohio Valley. Chicago also emerged as the national center of the agricultural machinery and meatpacking industry. Settlers who populated the southern areas of the Northwest were primarily working as farmers. The rich lands of the region made agriculture quite lucrative. The typical citizen of the Northwest was not a poor industrial worker or struggling farmer but the owner of a fairly prosperous family farm.

What would you do to set slaves free?

It is a free world. So, if you live in or near an area where slavery, in any form, is practised, report to the concerned authorities. Let them take the first step. If they fail to do anything substantial in this regard, either step in as much as you can without impairing the situation; or attract attention towards that region, at national level, and further at the international level. In general, to alleviate slavery from a region requires educating the people, both the oppressed and the oppressors, of their rights and privileges respectively. It is an outright violation of the fundamental principles of humanitarianism and must be eradicated as soon as possible.

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Nubia was a desert region and ancient kingdom in the valley. Much of the region was flooded when the Aswan dam was built.

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How much does it rain in central valley?

The Central Valley of California receives an average of 10-20 inches of rainfall annually. However, the region also relies heavily on irrigation from rivers and aqueducts to support agriculture due to its semi-arid climate.