How old is snoopdogg?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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49 Years old because i am Snoop Dogg

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i am only joking he he
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snoopdogg is 45 believe it

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Q: How old is snoopdogg?
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What is SnoopDogg's wife's name?

Shante Broadus

Does snoopdogg oldest son corde have a MySpace?


How long snoopdogg benn rapping for?

23 years

Who is better snoopdogg or Jay-Z?

Well this is an opinion question, so there will be different answers. For me,Jay-ZFor me, it would be TUPAC, because he was an old school legend

Who is world best rapper?

2 pac, biggie smalls, eminem, dr.dre, Jay Z, krs-one, and snoopdogg

Which rappers are bloods?

One of the biggest would probably be The Game, he is a blood and wears red in a LOT of his videos. He sang Gangbangin' 101 with the biggest Crips rapper, Snoopdogg, over settleing their differences and stopping the violence...

Who is the world best rapper?

some of the best living rappers are Nas, Eminem, Immortal Technique, Gangstar, Mos def, Brother Ali and more underground guys.

Top songs of 2009?

bree bree broken side rocket ship to the moon spankey gone wild cant touch this soulja boy crank that hey you there soulja boy mrs officer lil wayne snoopdogg gangsta life is the life 4 me weired al my nose looks like a dick simpsons theme song nananananananananananananananananananananannanaan eagle ...... .... ... .. . OUT

Is eazy-e gay?

no he had a wife and son name lil eazy e to whoever answered with that ^^^ they know nothing. Eazy - E was bi-sexual. he had many relations from the age of 12 and contracted many other diseases, hes had several children with 6 woman, and contracted AIDs from getting f*cked up the a$$. He never had a wife and died 10 days after publically admitting his condition, releasing a letter to the public and making amends with Dr.Dre and Snoopdogg.

Is snoopdogg a bad crip?

Snoop Dogg is affiliated with the East Side Long Beach Rollin 20's Crips. But I wouldn't say he's a bad person, he's turned his life around a lot. He's a successful rapper, songwriter, producer, actor, and advocate for medical marijuana. He's the coach of a football team for the youth in his community.It's not a crime to be in a gang, just because someone is in a gang doesn't automatically make them a bad person.

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