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The tensions between the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan were resolved with the Connecticut Compromise. It's also referred to as the Great Compromise.

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2014-08-26 16:03:14
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Q: How was the conflict of the virginia plan resolved?
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What resolved the conflict between the Virginia plan and New Jersey plan?

A bicameral legisture with representation in the lower house by population. Is Virginia more population?

Why did the smaller states oppose the Virginia Plan and how was this conflict resolved?

They feared that the larger states would outvote them if representation was based on population.

How was the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan resolved?

The Great Compromise.

What compromise resolved the conflict between the New Jersey plan and the Virginia Plan?

The Great Compromise which made two houses of Congress where one was represented by population (House of Representatives) and an equal representation (Senate) to create a double house system

What was the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan both addressed the states' conflict over?

Is was for legislative representation

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How were the New jersey Virginia plans resolved?

The Great Compromise resolved the dispute over the New Jersey and Virginia plans. The Virginia Plan wanted representation to go by population. The House of Representatives resolved this issue, using population to determine how many representatives a state would receive. The New Jersey Plan wanted equal representation for all states. The Senate resolved this issue by allowing the same number of representatives to all states, regardless of their size.

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