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they were treated differently then others (americans)

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Q: How were Cuban treated when they immigrated?
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What were the kind of guidelines modified by Cuban predilection in the Cuban revolution?

They are treated according with how the person in question behaves as an individual Cuban or not Cuban.

What nationality is the singer Pit bull from?

Cuban American. his parents were first generation and then immigrated to America. he was born in Miami.

Can a Cuban friend who just immigrated to the USA legally enter Canada for a visit and which documents would she need to enter Canada?

She would need her Cuban passport and her American Green Card.

Why did Russians emigrate from Russia?

Russians immigrated from Russia because of the way there treated and for freedom of religion.

Christina milian black?

Christina Milian Isnt White , Shes Black Afro Cuban. Which is Black Afro Caribbean And her family is Black Cuban Read her Bio. Her Mum n dad was from cuba and immigrated to America.

Why was Hawaii important to Asian Americans?

Between 1850 and 1905, many unskilled Asians immigrated to the United States. They settled in Hawaii and California. They were treated better in Hawaii, than on the mainland, where they were treated with hostility.

Is Romania an immigrated country?

Romania is not an immigrated country.

How many colombians migrate to Miami yearly?

Nearly 7500 Colombians immigrated to Miami, Colombians chose to settle in Miami, which they found attractive for its climate, growing economy, and tradition of tolerance dating from the establishment of a Cuban community there.

Who immigrated into the middle colonies?

The Dutch immigrated to the Middle Colonies.

When is the year that Harry Houdini immigrated?

His father immigrated earlier.

What is a another word for immigrated?

Arrive, colonize, come in, go in, migrate, and settle are all synonyms for immigrated.

How were immigrants treated in 1973?

Immigrants were treated very well in 1973 when the Cuban boat lifts were taking place. The people who came from Cuba were sent to different parts of the United States and given sponsors and jobs.