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When the Europeans made first contact with the Native Americans they unknowingly brought deadly diseases such as Smallpox, Influenza. The Europeans had, over centuries of exposure, developed immunities to these endemic maladies. Soon after contact with the Europeans, and the exposure to their Old World diseases, the Native American population began plummeting. The deadly pathogens spread rapidly, so rapidly in fact, that most of the dying had never even seen a European. A perfect example of the deadly efficiency with which the diseases struck would be the Taino people of Hispaniola,. . In the end, over 90% of Native Americans would be decimated by the Old World's diseases. In 1493 Columbus landed on Hispaniola with seventeen ships laden with cattle and pigs. In less than two centuries these horses had spread all throughout mainland North America, even reaching as far as Canada. This completely changed the hunting methods of Native American tribes like the Apache, Blackfoot, and Sioux. These tribes of the Great Plains quickly integrated the horse into their culture to become extremely mobile, buffalo dependent societies, able to trade with other tribes, and expand their territorial claims. The Europeans introduced the Native Americans to their goods through trade. They wanted furs, which were in high demand back in Europe and only available in North America. In exchange for the furs that the Native Americans brought them the Europeans gave them European goods, such as wheat, cloth, rifles, sugar, and coffee. The rifle revolutionized the way the Native Americans had hunted, as it made hunting more efficient and less time consuming; they no longer had to occupy themselves with the tedious, time consuming task of making a bow and arrows, they could start hunting almost immediately.

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Q: How were Native Americans influenced by the Europeans?
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