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they never got anything and white people treated them unfairly even some places didn't give sirvice

to colered

people. the negro people had to go to the back of places to get in if they gave sirvice

to the negros.

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In the US, the most common way that Blacks were segregated was by the school system. All Black schools and mostly all white schools were prevalent up until the 1960's. The so-called policy of 'busing" helped to alleviate that problem.

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it was hard and degrading for all blacks we had no rights or freedoms and separate and not aqual water fountains,restrooms,restuaraunts and many other things

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segregation was awesome during segregation for black people

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it was cruel and stupid idea people got

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Q: How were black people treated in segregation?
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How were black people treated during segregation?

terribly. they didn't have the same rights and many whites didn't see them as their equal. they werent treated with respect

Black experience in the south of the US?

There was a lot of segregation in the South and many blacks were treated unfairly.

What did segregation mean to black people in the southern states of America?

Segregation meant that the black people were not allowed to eat at the same resturant as white people etc...

How were black people treated in court in 1930?

black people were treated as a lesser race and treated unfairly and acused of crime but they were inocent.

In which states was segregation the worst?

Mississippi was hell for black people

Could white people talk to black people during the segregation?


How did black people get treated the Great Depression?

Black people were treated badly during the american soda bomb.

During segregation who was the person who stopped this rule that Black people couldn't sit in certain places on the buses?

black people are black because there black

How are people treated for the black plague?

Today, they are treated with antibiotics.

How was living during segregation affect the black people's lives?

Blacks were treated poorly because of racism, the belief that skin color makes some people superior to others. In fact, segregation both resulted from and perpetuated racism by forcing blacks to live with less access to health care, nutritious food, and education.

What is the meaning of apartied?

the segregation of white and black people in south Africa

What is the term used to indicate keeping black people and white people legally separated?