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they put cotton in a boat and brought it the the north

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Q: How were sailing ships used to transport cotton to the North?
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How did they get to the goldfields?

From overseas, they came by sailing ships. They then went on, like the locals, by animal transport or walking.

Were steam ships used before sailing ships?

First were sailing ships, THEN steam ships.

Sailing ships in the waters of the North Atlantic were?

one of the boat was titanic. but it hit an iceberg.

How were sailing ships different from galleys?

Sailing ships had rudders at the stern.

What was a major difficulty ships had when sailing to the coast of North Carolina?

The coast had dangerous shoals and currents.

Are ships able to navigate the Great Lakes?

The vessels sailing to the north to lake Michigan are considered upbound even though they are sailing toward its effluent current.

What were sailing ships used for in Nova Scotia?

Well, sailing ships have been used for everything from fishing to rum running. They were used to transport people and goods (and cattle) to and from Nova Scotia from Main, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland, Quebec, etc. etc. etc. The most famous sailing ship was the Blue Nose and yes, "she" was used to transport many things and at one time was even used to "run" rum.

What is a fast sailing ship called?

A Clipper was the fastest of all sailing ships.For a sailing ships to be faster draught of that ship must be low.Other fast-sailing ships are:CarrackCaravelSloopSchoonerBrigBrigandineBarque

What led to the regular sailing of the ships from Europe to Asia?

Treade led to the regular sailing of the ships from Europe to Asia

Where steam ships used before sailing ships?


What are the ships called at the battle of Trafalgar?

Wooden sailing ships.

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One can find pictures of sailing ships online by going to the Find Boat Pics website. The website has pictures of many boats, including pictures of sailing ships.