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they would make more money for the goverments

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Tariffs would make money for government programs (APEX)
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By stopping competition from farmers abroad

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Q: How would high tariffs help in America?
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How would high tariff's help America?

tariffs would make more money for gov program

How do high tariffs help America?

High tariffs are supposed to help the American economy because they place taxes on imported goods. Tariffs promote the purchasing of American-made goods because they are sold at a lower price, without the tariff. Also, if people decide to buy foreign goods instead, then the government makes money from the tariffs that were paid.

How were high tariffs supposed to help farmers?

By stopping competition from farmers abroad --APEX

Why did the Whigs propose the American System?

It would charge high tariffs to pay for infrastructure to help economic development

What were the reasons for high tariffs in the 1920s?

If your asking why America made tariffs, then i think it was that America didn't want a whole lot of foreigners selling things in the U.S. and putting Americans out of their jobs. The tariffs made it so less people from other countries could impact the economy, then also the Americans would have more job opportunities.

What did clay believe would result from high tariffs?

clay believe that high tariffs helped all regions of the country , not just the north

How would high tarriffs help america?

Tariffs are fees placed on imported goods. This fee raises the price of such goods and makes domestic goods more competitive in regards to price. A high tariff accentuates the effect. The tariff also tends to reduce the quantity of imported goods and affects the balance of trade. Whether or not such tariffs are helpful to America depends on conditions. Tariffs do raise money for the government but foreign governments can impose tariffs too and American exports may decrease so the balance of trade may not improve. In the past, tariffs have helped parts of the country while hurting other parts.

Did Democrats want low tariffs?

No, Democrats Wanted High Tariffs, while Republicans wanted High Tariffs

What are taxes on imports and exports called?

Taxes that are placed on imports and exports are referred to as tariffs. A debate exists regarding whether or not high tariffs help or hurt a nation's economy.

Why would be hurt by high tariffs?

Southern Farmers, because sales of cotton would go down

What did many Americans believe that high tariffs would do?

Take money out of their own pockets

How did the reformers differ from the republicans on the issue of high tariffs?

The republicans supported higher tariffs while the reformers within the GOP supported lower tariffs. Reformers believed that high tariffs actually helped trusts.