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The Woman Suffrage Movement

The Birth Control Movement

The National Consumers League was created to united local consumers leagues.

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Q: Identify some Progressive women's groups and their causes?
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What women fought for womens sufferage during the progressive era?

Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul and the NWSA (National Womens Suffrerage Association)

What cause would a womens club most likely address during the progressive era?


Progressive women reformers worked to what?

They worked to reduce child labor and for the womens suffarge campain.

What group formed when womens groups joined with working class union women in 1903?

the n.a.w.s.a

What progressive belief led to WCTU support for womens suffrage laws?

woman were more moral then men, so they would vote to prohibit alcohol

Why was the east generally less progressive toward women suffrage then the mid west and west?

the east was controlled by a consortium of men opposed to womens rights.

Do woman hang themselves?

Yes there are some womens who hang themselves causes by different stuff.

What caused the prohibition era?

Demands from the WCTU and other womens' groups along with pressure from Protestant churches caused Prohibition.

Where can you purchase womens car insurance?

You can get insurance from websites like State Farm, Progressive or Belair Direct. It is best to check out different quotes before signing the dotted line.

How did the war help the causes of womens suggrage and temperance?

one of the main goals of the reformers was to reduce the alcoholic beverages.

What religion affects womens status and causes tension between traditional and western ideas?

Christianity, Judaism and Islam, to name a few.

What groups of people were not protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were not written?

white men without owning lands womens African American (enslaved or freed)