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They were not "Americans" in the political sense...meaning, they were not citizens of the country of the Unites States of America. They were "Americans" in the sense that they were native to the continent of North America, which at that time, most of which was not controlled by any government.

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Q: If Indians were the first Americans why did they need to become citizens?
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If the Indians were the first Americans why did congress pass the Indian citizenship act in 1924 what was the law necessary?

It made them citizens of our form of government.

Are African Americans First Class Citizens?

African-Americans are first-class citizens just like anyone else who was either born in the United States or who are naturalized citizens.

What are American Indians-?

American Indians or Native Americans were the first people to live in North America.

How many Indians were at the first Thanksgiving feast?

93 native americans(indians).

What do you call these first Americans today?

we call them Indians but they prefer native Americans

What is another name for American Indians?

In the US, American Indians are also referred to as Native Americans or by their tribe/nation affiliation. They were here first. The rest of us are immigrants or natural-born citizens. American Indians have also been referred to as "Red Indians". This term, though, can carry a negative connotation and could be considered racist.

Were the Indians in the US first?

If your talking about Native Americans, then yes they were.

What are the first known inhabitants of Vermont?

The Abenakis Indians were one of the first known citizens who lived in Vermont.

The first American in the US?

Based on speaking of citizens of United States and not ancient indians. You would have to have at least 2 states to be United States so Delaware being the first to become a state had to wait until the second state joined and the population of those two states collectively became the first American citizens.

Who were the first Americans that crossed beringia into Alaska etween 38000 and 10000 bc?

The Paleo-Indians were the first Americans to cross Beringia into Alaska.

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Japanese Americans did not have the right to vote until the year 1952. Chinese Americans were first allowed to become citizens of America in 1943 where they could enjoy the right to vote.

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Te Paleionon Indians, i think