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Q: If the flag is flown at night it must always be?
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Why is American Flag worn backwards on right sleeve?

When approved for wear, the full-color U.S. flag cloth replica is sewn 1/2 inch below the right shoulder seam of the temperate, hot-weather, enhanced hot-weather, and desert BDU; the BDU field jacket; and the cold-weather uniform. The flag is worn on the right shoulder, because, in the military, the "place of honor" is to a military member's right. The full-color U.S. flag cloth replica is worn so that the star field faces forward, or to the flag's own right. When worn in this manner, the flag is facing to the observer's right, and gives the effect of the flag flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward. The rule dates back to the Army's early history, when both mounted cavalry and infantry units would designate a standard bearer, who carried the Colors into battle. As he charged, his forward momentum caused the flag to stream back. Since the Stars and Stripes are mounted with the canton closest to the pole, that section stayed to the right, while the stripes flew to the left. Hello, I have talked to people and fellow veterans about the US flag being worn backwards on military uniforms, I found that most average people and some veterans are not aware of it. I wrote to Congressmen, Senators, the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs and everybody up to and including the Vice President. I requested a Congressional Inquiry. I wrote to news organizations and started a petition on The White House website titled Defend Our American Flag. I called Joint Base Lewis/McChord and talked with a Lieutenant Colonel, a Captain and the base Command Sergeant Major. I pointed out to them that wearing the US flag backwards violates US Code and US Army Regulations and that it is an unlawful order. They said they will inform their chain of command and after they all review the regulations and US Code the Base Commander will contact me. Soldiers who served after 2003 say that the backward flag patch looks as a flag would look on a staff being carried forward into battle and worn the normal way looks as if they are retreating. I can respect that. But the millions of veterans and the millions of dead soldiers who served prior to 2003 served and fought to preserve the flag and what it represents. That flag preserves the Liberties which we all take for granted, Free Speech, Free Press, Freedom of Religion, Right to Bear Arms, etc. And if you think the boys on Omaha Beach look as if they are retreating then you must be from a different country than me. Now, after hundreds of thousands of US troops have rotated back to The United States they bring this doctrine home. People here are wearing the backwards flag patch and displaying the flag backwards. I have seen it on NFL and MLB teams and some police uniforms. It is all over the television. There was a time during the 1940-1950's when the media and entertainment industry would not show an image of the flag not properly displayed, they would flip the image over. I feel that you guys started this, so now you need to fix it. Many people, organizations, businesses and even government buildings across the Nation displayed the flag every way but the proper way. Then, in 1923 a Congressional Committee came up with The Flag Code so that every American knew the proper way to display the flag. Every citizen should be familiar with The Flag Code and every soldier should know it inside and out. I had to learn it when I was in the Army for a Soldier of The Month Board. Read US Army Regulations 840-10 Chapter 2, "The Union (blue field and stars) will always be at the top and on the flags own right." Then read United States Code Title 4. Then read United States Code Title 36 Chapter 10, subsections 175 and 176. But nobody looked at the regulations and nobody spoke up for the flag. If I do not speak up for the flag, who will? Most people simply do not care. Many people feel that I should not say anything and since I am a nobody what could I know anyway. I can only say it is not about me, or you, or how cool someone thinks the flag looks when this way or that way, it is about The Flag. US Code and US Army Regulations provide for a flag patch on the uniform sleeve. But not backwards! That is disrespectful. You never see any pictures of US troops in The Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish-American War, Mexican War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War wear the US flag patch any way but the proper way, with the Union at the flags' own right. No soldier, nor any General can change the US flag by simply changing the wording and the meaning of "the flags' own right" in a Department of The Army (DA) pamphlet. It takes a Congressional Committee to do that. United States Code and US Army Regulations supersede the DA pamphlet, or any other DA pamphlet. Try reading AR 840-10 Chapter 2, the first paragraph. "2-1. a. The flag of the United States is the symbol of our nation. The Union, white stars on a field of blue, is the honor point of the flag. The union of the flag, and the flag itself when in company with other flags, is always given the honor position; for example, the marching right, the flags' own right or an observers left facing the flag." Notice that word "always". And I'd say that display of the flag takes precedence over wear of the uniform. "AR 670-1 21-18. Wear of U.S. flag embroidered insignia a. All Soldiers will wear the full-color U.S. flag embroidered insignia on utility and organizational uniforms, unless deployed or in a field environment. Soldiers will wear the subdued tactical flag insignia while deployed or in a field environment. b. How worn. See DA Pam 670-1." "DA-PAM 670-1 21-18. Wear of U.S. flag embroidered insignia. a. Description. The colors of the U.S. flag embroidered insignia (full color) are red, white, and blue. The size is approximately 2 inches by 3 inches. b. How worn. (1) The U.S. flag insignia (full color or subdued) is worn on the right shoulder pocket flap of utility uniforms and cold-weather jackets. The flag insignia is placed directly on top of the hook-and-loop-faced-pad already provided on the uniforms shoulder pocket flap. The subdued U.S. flag insignia is worn as directed by the commander under tactical field conditions. (2) The U.S. flag embroidered insignia is worn so that the star field faces forward, or to the flags' own right. When worn in this manner, the flag is facing to the observers right and gives the effect of the flag flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward. The appropriate replica for the right shoulder sleeve is identified as the reverse side flag." As I said when the Union (star field they call it) is forward on the right sleeve it is not in the place of honor at "the flags own right", where according to US Code Title 36 Chapter 10 and US Army Regulation 840-10 Chapter 2 it should "always" be. Also, in most cases soldiers wear only the flag on the right sleeve and no flag on the left. You are aware of this, now as a Soldier I charge you to do your duty and report this unlawful order to your chain of command and help me return the honor and respect due our National Symbol, the Flag of the United States of America. DA-PAM 670-1 Chapter 21-18 is an unlawful order and I do not wish to see our National Symbol forever changed. I do not mean any disrespect to our troops or Veterans. But I do care about Our American Flag. I feel that if General Patton were alive today he would rip that patch off of the first soldier he saw and fine him $100 for disrespecting the US flag and for not knowing the US Army regulations about displaying the flag properly. I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Merry Christmas, Sincerely, Timothy Thompson Endicott, Washington

13 mandatory OODBMS features?

The 13 mandatory features are: The system must support complex objects. Object identity must be supported. Objects must encapsulated. The system must support types or classes. The system must support inheritance. The system must avoid premature binding. The system must be computationally complete. The system must be extensible. The system must be able to remember data locations. The system must be able to manage large databases. The system must accept concurrent users. The system must be able to recover from hardware and software failures. Data query must be simple.

How old must citizen be to vote?

In the US, voters must be at least 18 years of age.

In debate what does an argument consist of?

An argument will consist of several reasons why you think something is right or not. There are always two teams; one team will be the affirmative team and the other will be the negative. They must have strong arguments (or reasons why you think something is right or wrong) in order to influence the adjudicator to pick you as the winning team.

Is the rebel flag racist? southern and ive never one known anyone that has used it in such a way.most southerners use it as a memorial for southern heritage and pride.i think people assume that it is because it flew during slave times.but so did the American's my point.AnswerAs a Southerner I agree with the above answer. One of my ancestors died in a Confederate uniform, but he never owned slaves. Only 25% of Southern families did, so the other 75% must have been fighting for something else.

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When the american flag is flown at night it must always be?

Have lights shining up at it

What must be done to a flag if its flown at night?

If a flag is flown at night, it must be illuminated by a light. This is to ensure that the flag remains visible and in compliance with proper flag etiquette.

If the flag is flown at night it must be?


If flag is flown at night it must be?


What are the rules for flying an American flag at night?

The rules for taking the flag down at night for a civilian are different than for the military. A civilian must take down a flag before dark if there is no light shining on the flag pole. The flag can be folded but it must never touch the ground. Many people choose to roll their flags to prevent creases.

What flag can fly higher then the American flag?

No flag is officially allowed to fly higher than the American flag when they are both displayed together. The American Flag Code specifies that the American flag should always be positioned above other flags when flown on the same staff or pole. However, individual state flags or organization flags can be flown higher when displayed on separate staffs or poles.

If the Irish flag flies beside another flag in Ireland why does the Irish flag fly higher?

It is protocol for handling the Irish flag in Ireland. The same applies in many countries with national flags. An Irish flag flying in another country would not be flown highest, whereas the flag of that country might be. It is the national flag of Ireland, so it is of greater importance than any other flag in Ireland, and so it is flown higher than other flags.

Does the American flag need to have a light on it at night?

Yes. According to the US Flag Code, Section 6(a), Chapter 1, Title 4, United States Code states that the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.

Must the American flag be illumionated at night?

If the flag of the United States of America is outside at night it should be illuminated.

Where should the US flag be when its flown with other flags?

If the flag is in a group of flags (on separate poles) it should be in the center and higher up than the rest of the flags. If it's on it's own pole it should be above the rest of the flags and at least the same size as any other flags on it's pole, if not larger.

What design is at the top left corner of the nz flag?

The British Union. It is commonly referred to as the "Union Jack" but technically that name applies only when a flag of that design is flown from the jack staff at the bow of a ship. When flown on land it is called the Union Flag. When flown at sea you can be in trouble because only the Royal Navy may fly the Union Flag or Union Jack at sea. Private citizens are not allowed to do so; their yachts must fly the Red Ensign.

Is it your right to fly the flag?

Absolutely. Flying your own countries flag is a privilege, however, if you keep your flag flying at night, it must have a light on it.