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Q: Imperial England and English soldiers developed a contemptuous attitude toward natives partly through their colonizing experiences in?
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Why did the English develop a contemptuous attitude towards the American natives?

Imperial England and the English soldiers developed a contemptuous attitude toward the 'natives' because of their attempt to colonize the ruthless, Catholic Irish peoples.

Who developed LDPE?

LDPE was prepared for the first time in 1933 at Imperial Chemical Industries.

How did the invention of the telegraph help imperial powers developed in the 19th century?

It allowed leaders in different parts of an empire to easily communicate.

What does imperial mean in maths?

A system of weights and measures originally developed in England. Similar but not always the same as US standard units. Example of Imperial measures: Length: inches, feet, yards. Area: square feet, acres.

Does tamoxifen come from A TREE?

No. Originally developed by pharmaceutical company Imperial Chemical, now known as AstraZeneca, tamoxifen is still manufactured by AZ.

Did The Russians controlled a large region in Africa?

No. The Russians were never a colonizing power, but an imperial one. That is to say that they conquered nations and peoples with whom they shared a border and integrated them as subordinates in the Russian State. Since no part of Russia came close to Africa, they did not acquire African colonies.

What goods are made in sugar land Texas?

Sugar Land was given its name because the area was once a sugar cane field. The business, Imperial Sugar, harvested and refined the sugar. The Imperial Sugar area is now being re-developed.

Is a kilometer an example of an imperial unit?

No, a kilometer is an example of a metric unit of length. The imperial equivalent is roughly 3280 feet which is a little over 1/2 a mile because one mile is equal to 5280 feet. The imperial units of measurement are used in British countries and Canada and was developed after the United States customary units of measurement.

The measurement system most commonly used in the US originated in what country?

They are basically imperial units which were developed in Britain, though some of their origins are Roman and Saxon.

What is the imperial palace?

The Imperial Palace was the home for the imperial family.

What is imperial palace?

The Imperial Palace was the home for the imperial family.

Where is the Imperial Beach Library in Imperial Beach located?

The address of the Imperial Beach Library is: 810 Imperial Beach Blvd., Imperial Beach, 91932 2798