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in 1870 black African American slaves was able to vote

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Q: In 1870 former black male slaves obtained the right to vote but what about blacks who were not slaves prior to that year?
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What race were used as slaves?

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Did blacks had the right to vote first?

Yes. Black male former slaves received the right to vote in 1870. Women fought for the same right until it was granted in 1920. but when did the blacks actually vote

Did blacks own slaves?

In Africa, some blacks did, and do in the present day, own slaves. In the United States of America I doubt if any black people held other black people as slaves.

Did a black man sign the constitution?

No, back then they were still considered slaves.

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Not exactly, he freed the slaves, not all slaves were black.

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who was a black leader who wanted full civil rights for former slaves

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How do you account for the failure of Reconstruction 1865 to 1877 to bring social and economic equality of opportunity to the former slaves?

The former slaves were told they had the right to vote and be like the white democacy; however, black men always seemed to find a way to make sure blacks could not participate. -That should start you out for a thesis

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What type of educational gains did former slaves receive after the US Civil War?

After the US Civil War, former slaves in the South achieved significant progress. In 1865 less than 10% of Southern Blacks were literate. Five years later the rate rose to 17%. Not long after, in 1890 55% was the literacy rate . This was far above former slaves who lived in former colonies of European nations. As another measure, the number of Black newspapers reached 150 in the South. The increased literacy rates enabled Southern Blacks to achieve higher levels of education in schools in both the North and the South.