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First of all there are two totally different novels with the title Invisible Man. One is a Science Fiction novel by H.G. Wells, in this one- rather like Jekyll and Hyde the Invisible man lets his new=found powers go to his head- enters into criminal acts and so on. a movie variation - with somewhat different powers =but acquired accidentally when a Bus hits an electrical pole ( hey, it could happen_ a stuntman called Dynamo Dan, the Electrical Man gets powers akin to Lightning Lad in Adventure comics- and again abuses them- in both stories the inventor-Victim"s Dogs remain loyal and constant/ The movie ( about the electically-charged man) was called Man-Made Monster and starred Lionel Atwill in the title role. I have not read the Ellison (Invisible Man) but it is NOT a science -fiction tale at all= but the life of a marginalized ( hence Invisible) man who I believe is a writer- no super powers here. I hope this is of help.

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Q: In Ralph ellison's story invisible man Who does the invisible man imitate?
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