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In Thomas Paine's Common Sense, he stated that It was absurd for an island to rule a continent. The colonies were not just British, but a mix of people from all over Europe. Britain was not the â??mother countryâ?? because no mother would treat her children the way Britain did . Distance from Britain made British rule impractical and being a part of Britain would drag America into unnecessary European wars.

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Q: In Thomas Paine's Common Sense he wrote that it was common sense for the colonies to fight for independence because?
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In Thomas Paines Common Sense he wrote that it was common sense for the colonies to fight for independence because?

Because the colonies were under the thumb of England, paying them exorbitant taxes, and independence was the best choice for them.

Why was Thomas Paines the Common Sense so important?

It's believed to be responsible for the residents of the 13 colonies deciding in favor of independence.

Why was Paines's Common Sense convincing to many people?

Thomas Paine's Common Sense was written clearly, in plain language, and ultimately helped convince the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Britain.

What was the name of the pamphlet that influenced many colonists to support independence from Britain?

Tomas Paines Pamphlet "Common Sense"Common Sense by Thomas PaineCommon Sense was the name of the Pamphlet.

What was Thomas Paines Contribution to independence?

I think it was how he tried to get other colonist to declare independence.

What is the name and purpose of Thomas Paines best selling pamphlet?

"Common Sense". It questioned the right of England to govern the American colonies and called for a constitution.

What was the significance of Thomas Paines book Common Sense?

"Common Sense", probably the most famous of Paine's various pamphlets published during that time, galvanized public opinion around the idea of independence from England (popular support for the idea was lukewarm prior to "Common Sense").

Thomas paines cammon sense?

You mean common

What was paines purpose for writing the pamphlet was it achieved?

Thomas Paine wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense" to advocate for American independence from British rule and to encourage the American people to support the revolution. His purpose was to provide a clear and persuasive argument for why the colonies should break away from Britain. This goal was largely achieved, as "Common Sense" played a significant role in shifting public opinion towards independence and galvanizing support for the revolutionary cause.

What was the theme of thomas paines common sense?

his themes were about government

What was the message of thomas paines common sense?

Thomas Paine wrote his masterwork, "Common Sense," in 1775. In it, he tries to convince the American colonists to support independence. It was an extremely effective pamphlet.

What was thomas paines pamphlets which rationalized the revolution?

the name was common sense.