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White protestants

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Q: In the 1800S's the term native American Was used to describe?
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In the 1800 the term native American was used to describe?

White Protestants

In the S's the term Native American was used to describe?

White Protestants

What is indianization?

A drug dealer

In the 1800's the term native American was used to describe?

White protestants

What does it mean by a red Indian?

It was a term often used before the hyphenated term American-Indian or the term Native American became popular. A red Indian was a North American Native.

What is Native American term for brave?


Who created the word native American?

The words "Native American" came from two sources. First "Native" meaning those Native to the continent. Second, The Americas is a term used to describe the continents that originated from its use by Martin Waldseemüller a German cartographer who named it such in honor of Amerigo Vespucci an Italian Explorer. Those who lived there were called, generally, Native Americans (a much better term than "Indian" to those natives).

Most Indians today live?

of course silly i am a NATIVE AMERICAN the correct term is native american

What term is used to describe native American history before 1492?

There were many different nations or tribes.

What is a young American Indian male called?

Many non-Native American people call a male native American person a "Brave." This term is a general term for all tribes but each Native American language has a different term for males in that tribe.

Was Ty Cobb a Native American?

Yes, Cobb was born in Narrows, Georgia, making him a native of America. He was not a Native American in the modern use of the term in that he was not an American Indian.

How do you spell werewolf in Native American?

the term werewolf actually originates from native American languages but was originaly spelt 'wearwulf' or 'wewuf'