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providing free land for laying railroad tracks


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Q: In the late 19th century the federal government aided the growth of transcontinental railroads by?
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What two incentives did the federal government give the railroads to build a transcontinental line?

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In the second half of the 1800s what did the federal government encourage in the building of transcontinental railroads?

Railroad Builders received loans and grants from the federal government.

Railroads were reluctant to build a transcontinental railroad themselves without assistance from the federal government Which of these pieces of legislation provided the necessary funds to build the?

the Pacific Railway Acts

In the 19th century protective tariffs subsidies for railroads and open immigration showed that the federal government followed a policy of?

support for economic development

When state governments passed Granger laws?

railroads protested that only the federal government, not states, could regulate railroads

What Increased the federal government's power over the railroads?

The Interstate Commerce Act.

The federal government provided assistance to the railroads in the form of and?

land grants and loans

The federal government provided assistance to the railroads in the form of?

Transportation land grants and loans

How did the South keep railroads construction costs down?

a. it used prison labor and lobbied the federal government

True or false private railroad companies built the transcontinental rail lines without the assistance of the federal government?

False. Congress supported the construction of the transcontinental railroad with U.S. government bonds and land grants of government-owned land.

What industry divided the US into four time zones without consent of the federal government?

The railroads

What federal government organization was used to regulate railroads telephone and telegraph companies?

Interstate Commerce Commission was formed by the federal government to regulate railroad, telephone, and telegraph companies.