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1840's to 1850's

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Q: In what decades did the influx of immigrants to the US tripled then quadrupled?
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When did the Japanese Americans settle in the USA?

The Native Americans were the first immigrants to America. They are believed to have begun migrating to America from Asia about 15,000 years ago. Serious migration to America from Europe began about 1500 CE with the movement of people from Spain, and under Spanish rule, to build the Spanish Empire in America. Migration from other European nations became significant in the early 1600s Significant involuntary migration from Africa began in the mid 1500s with the movement of slaves from Africa to America to replace the Native Americans of the Caribbean, who did not survive slavery well. Significant migration from other parts of the world began in the 1late 1700s.

What area of the country was urbanized the most in the us during the period of the civil war?

The north was urbanized, the South was agrigarian, consequently the thinking of the two sections were vastly different. The influx of immigrants to the north greatly influenced their need for cheap labor (which the slave was not, actually). The Irish I Migrants, etc filled the labor force needs, but not the need for the money made by shipping slaves. The cheap labor from immigrants and the weather conditions made the urbanization of the north more conducive

Which colony did the first mass influx of slaves populate?


What was most true in Northerner cities?

people had many choices about what to do with their free time.

To what extent did the Mexican war promote the national interest?

The Mexican War promoted the concept of 'Manifest Destiny' and American imperialism. Although many Americans were racist towards the Mexicans, it was argued that it was the responsibility of the United States to bring justice and liberty to the tyrannical nation. Physical expansion allowed more citizens to obtain land, made space for the influx on immigrants, and served as a passage to Pacific waterways.

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When did the influx of immigrants to the US triple then quadruple?

1840s to 1850s

What caused the increase in tenements?

Depression, poverty and huge influx of immigrants.

What are the consequences of the influx of new immigrants?

B. An upsurge of anti-Catholicism.

Did the influx of Irish immigrants contribute to Americas tolerance of ethnic and religious pluralism?


How did the influx of immigrants from Europe affect American culture in the early 1900s?


What were the various governmental and social reaction to the influx of immigrants?

Governments implemented immigration restrictions and quotas, as well as assimilation policies to manage the influx of immigrants. Social reactions included nativist movements, discrimination, and instances of xenophobia towards immigrants. However, there were also efforts to provide support and assistance to help immigrants integrate into their new societies.

What was th post in 1890 influx of people from southern and eastern Europe?

new immigrants.

Due to influx of immigrants into the US who had all the power in the work force?

The employers had all the power

How did California's gold rush change the state so significantly?

It received a massive influx of immigrants.

Those who where frightened by the rapid influx of Irish immigrants organized?

The Order of the Star Spangled Banner

What event in 1848 prompted a large influx of immigrants to enter the US?

gold was discovered in California

The massive influx of immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was beneficial to which party?