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He didn't go to Elementary school but when his father could spare him some time from his chores Lincoln went to an ABC school in a log cabin.

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Q: In what state did Abraham Lincoln go to school in the US?
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Where did Abraham Lincoln settle after he left his home?

the us state of Iillnois the us city of springfield Iillnois and the us state of kentucky

What can be said about the qualifications of Abraham Lincoln to be the US President?

Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer who became a state legislator, then a Congressman before he became President.

Where did the first President get assassinated at?

Abraham Lincoln at fords theater in Washington d.c.

What state was Abraham Lincoln in senate?

Abraham Lincoln ran for the US Senate from Illinois but lost to Stephen A. Douglas. The famous Lincoln-Douglas debates took place during this campaign.

When Abraham Lincoln was in Elementary school what grade was he in?

Abraham Lincoln never attended a formal school of any kind. As was the custom in his day, he was tutored and self-taught. His thirst for an education eventually led him to the Presidency of the US.

What US President's declared martial law?

Abraham Lincoln

Was Abraham Lincoln the 12th president of the US?

No Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States

Who is Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th US President.

What is Lincoln's full name?

Abraham Lincoln's full name was Abraham Lincoln. (No middle name)

Who was the president of the us in civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was president during the US Civil War.

Did Abraham Lincoln win the position of US senator for Illinios?

Abraham Lincoln did win the position of US senator for Illinios

Who was the first us president declare an official thankshiving holiday?

Abraham Lincoln.