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The Bill of Rights are part of the constitution and to have a constitution a revolution was required. The Declaration of Independence told the king the colonies were leaving the British monarchy. Now, put this together.

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Q: In which order were US Constitution Bill of Rights Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation written and adopted?
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Articles of Confederation led to what events?

The Constitution

Who signed the articles of confederation the declaration of independence and the Constitution?

Benjamin Franklin, George Clymer, Roger Sherman and James Wilson signed both the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Not sure about the Articles of Confederation.

Who was the man who signed the declaration of independence Articles of confederation and the constitution?

Roger sherman

What happened first to last The Articles of Confederation The Bill of Rights The Declaration of Independence The Constitution?

The declaration of independence =1776 Article of confederation = 1781 The constitution = 1787 The bill of rights = 1791 (I think that's about right) Thanks this is on my HomeWork and i couldn't get it =)))) how did the articles of confederation fail to fufil the ideas of the constitution?? HELP!!

What four historic documents did Roger Sherman sign?

The Articles of Association, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution.

The first wriiten constitution in America was the?


Which of these was written first articles of confederation bill of rights US Constitutio Articles of Confederation or Declaration of Independence?

Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Why was the quill pen important in history?

The writers of the Declaration of Independence the articles of confederation and The constitution all used quill pens to create these famous documents

What three documents were the origin of the American government?

First the declaration of Independence, then the Articles of confederation to end with the constitution

Where are the Articles of Confederation kept?

It is kept in the National Archives, along with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

What was formed after the declaration of independence?

the articles of confederation

What was not influential in creating the Articles of Confederation?

The Declaration of Independence was not influential in creating the Articles of Confederation.