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brooke farm

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Q: Intellectual commune in Massachusetts based on plain living and high thinking?
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Commune established n Massachusetts based on plain living and high thinking?

Brooke Farm

What does simple living high thinking mean?

simple living high thinking in relation to maintenance of body and high thinking is in relation to aim on ones intellectual pursuits

A group of people living together and providing for their own needs is called a?

A Commune

What's communal living?

Living in a group like a commune.

What is the Chinese Commune System?

Chinese Commune System is people living together and sharing responsibilities. Example: world needs Chinese Commune System to survive.

What did they call people living together in a group-owned settlement in the 1960s?

A commune.

What is the difference between commune and kibbutz?

A commune is a collective of people living closely together and sharing many basic things in common, and usually involving a farm or very large garden for much of their food. A kibbutz is basically a commune located in Israel.

What are the Pros and cons for living in Massachusetts?

Pros: Its quiet and your alone Cons: Your in Massachusetts

What are some of the responsibilities of people living in Massachusetts?

People that live in Massachusetts have the same responsibilities as people living anywhere else in the world. The responsibilities of people that live in Massachusetts are clean, cooking and working.

Why does montag feel he's not thinking in farenheait 451?

Montag feels he is not thinking in "Fahrenheit 451" because he realizes he was living in a society where critical thinking and intellectual pursuits were discouraged. He undergoes a personal transformation as he begins to question the status quo and seek knowledge beyond what was provided by the oppressive government. This newfound awareness makes him feel disconnected from the mindless conformity that surrounded him.

What thinking interprets the Constitution represents evolutionist thinking?

The Living Constitution.

How did people make a living in Massachusetts?

They made a living by building ships, fishing, and rum.