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# Fewer elected offices to fill would enable voters to better know the candidates. # Jobs that do not carry basic policymaking responsibility do not need to be elective offices. # Lengthy ballots often lead to a drop-off in voting near the bottom of the ballot, called voter or ballot fatigue.

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One reason pressure groups have been criticized is because they can have a corrupting influence on government.

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have a corrupting influence on government

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Q: Interest groups have been criticized because?
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How are groups of people are formed?

Groups offer special advantages to its individuals, like safety and strength. It is difficult for an individual to form an identity, but a group offers it. Groups generally keep their subjects united on common issues concerning their basic existence and faith. Religion, nationality, gender and even family are all examples of groups which unite people with common concerns. Grouping is a very common phenomenon seen in humans which runs down in a very complex way with groups within groups. Most of the wars in human history had been these giant groups of ideologies and faiths fighting against that of others, These have ended up with mass destruction and survival of the fittest. It still happens everywhere around with corporations fighting for markets internationally. In today's world, the individual identity has reduced and even from the time of our birth we belong to some groups which we don't even have the advantage to choose. The world has reduced itself to giant individuals that has collective intelligence of hundreds of people which make it almost impossible for an individual to survive. Understanding group behaviors is an very interesting field that concerns about loyalty towards the groups, decision making and other things that has not yet been completely explored.

How could the treaty of Utrecht have been negotiated and written differently in order to create stronger relationships among the different groups in north America?

i do not know i need help tho with the same question

Which three groups of US citizens are not eligible to vote today?

The only people who are not eligible to vote are those who have been convicted of a felony, those who are severly mentally disturbed, and people who are under the age of 18.

How should the south have been treated after the war?

nice because they had rights everyone have rights

What Native American groups lives in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland?

The two largest groups of indigenous people living in the arctic Canadian regions, Alaska, and Greenland are Yupik and Inupiat. The term Inuit is often used to describe both peoples and is commonly accepted in Greenland and Canada but Eskimo is clearer term because the Yupik people do not speak the Inuit language. Both phrases distinguish those people of the arctic regions from Native Americans of more southern regions however the term Eskimo has been degraded in Canadian and Greenlandic areas and is often considered a racial slur.

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Why have interest group been criticized?

They try to influence decisions of government agencies, political representatives, or policymakers.

What reason has the US often been called a nation of joiners?

Because of the thousands of interest groups the exist in the US

The largest number of interest groups in the US has been founded on the basis of?

economic interest

How are interest groups limited?

Diffrent interest groups compete for power and influence, keeping any single group from controlling lawmakers and other public officals. The larger the interest groups are the more diverse the interest of the members. as a result smaller interest groups or those less unite people who have narrower aims have been most effective in shipping policy. While large interest groups have membership that provides an impressive financial base, most organizations struggle to pay small staffs. In recent years, however, the greatest concern about the power of interest groups has been their financial contributions to political campaigns...

Would the national association of realtors be consider a interest groups?

Yes. They have been rated 9th on Fortune's "Power 25"- the twenty-five most effective interest groups.

The plural executive has been criticized because it?

limits the executive power of the governor to implement policy

The IMF and World Bank have been criticized as undemocratic. Why?

A reason that the IMF and World Bank have been criticized as undemocratic is because the leading policy makers are industrialized nations. The poorest nations are underrepresented or not represented at all in these organizations.

Why was manhunt banned?

Because of its graphic nature and depiction of violence. Some parents and special interest groups think that they lead to violence in kids (a link that has never been proven)

What has Electronic Arts been criticized for?

Electronic Arts were criticized about the extraordinary long hours that some of the employees worked, they have also been criticized for buying small development studios primarily for their intellectual property assets.

How reliable is Suncorp banking?

Suncrop Bank is widely considered a reliable bank. They receive positive reviews for their consistency, reliability, and fairness. They have been criticized for their high initial interest rates.

What is a cause of concern regarding conflicts of interest in political campaigns?

Campaign financing in the United States has been a major source of concern to the public because it raises the issue of conflict of interest for elected officials in relation to the people or lobbying groups that have financed their campaigns.

What is the role of the interest groups in politics?

Interest groups come from all walks of life and have a passion for their causes. Interest groups use the legislature to try to get laws passed to support their cause, and the courts to enforce laws that have already been passed.